Family Court of WA orders that a six-year-old boy is to undergo chemotherapy

The Family Court of WA has ordered that a six-year-old boy from Perth is to undergo chemotherapy to treat a malignant brain tumour.  As reported by ABC News, the child's doctor from Princess Margaret Hospital commenced legal action after the child's parents refused treatment. Follow the link to find out more. 



Chief Justice Thackray said the evidence was that the boy would die within a few months if nothing was done.  On considering the best interests of the child, the medical evidence could not be ignored.


In an interview with 60 Minutes that aired on 10 April 2016, the mother said she wants her son to "live, not to survive" and her approach has always been about quality of life not quantity.  When asked if she wants her son to live no matter what, the mother said that was a difficult question to answer and she would need more time to think about it. 

Oshin Kiszko, 6. Facebook: Oceans of Hope.
Oshin Kiszko, 6. Facebook: Oceans of Hope.

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