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If your child has been removed from your care, and is not being returned to your care, then you can apply for a recovery order from the Family Court of Western Australia. Read our latest blog post to find out more. 

What is a recovery order?

A recovery order is an order that a child be returned to a person who is responsible for the child's care. A recovery order is usually directed to the police to enforce the immediate return of your child to your care.


Do I need to have parenting orders in place before I can apply for a recovery order?

You do not need to have existing parenting orders to apply for a recovery order. 


Do I need to attend mediation first?

If the matter is considered urgent, you can apply for an exemption from attending Family Dispute Resolution (i.e. mediation).


My matter is urgent, what should I do?

You can ask the Court that the matter be heard urgently and on an ex parte basis. Ex parte means without the other party being present. 


At Applecross Family Lawyers, we will assist you in obtaining a recovery order from the Family Court and for your child to be returned to your care as soon as practicable. We will make your matter a priority and ensure that the documents are filed and your matter heard in the Family Court without delay. 


For further information about recovery orders or to make an appointment, please contact us on (08) 9364 9915 or 0474 458 340. 

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